Tungsten Carbide For Moulds & Dies

Carbide EDM blanks

With many sizes available Carbide EDM blanks for moulds with many grades available Tungsten carbide plates that are especially suitable for protecting surfaces against abrasive and erosive wear. The plates are made of tungsten carbide and can be adjusted with different chemical compositions to the requirements of each specific application

Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Dies

Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Dies for metal drawing High Hardness PCD diamond wire drawing dies are manufactured with polycrystalline diamonds, which are manufactured by mixing the selected diamond powder of specific grain size with metallic bonding material and sintered at high temperature and ultra high pressure. This results in a homogeneous very hard and highly abrasive resistance blank having high thermal conductivity like natural diamond.

Tungsten Carbide Die for Cold heading dies

Tungsten Carbide Die for Cold heading dies with many sizes available for your choice  The popular grade is YG15C, YG20C, YG25C    Some sizes with OD grinding Tungsten carbide die with its high hardness, durable life time and impact resistance , it's widely used in the mould industry .   Carbide Nibs for Cold heading dies

PCD dies for wire drawing application

PCD dies for wire drawing application  With a wide range of sizes available  The PCD drawing die is the diamond polycrystalline drawing die, which is made by sintering diamond powder under the action of a metal catalyst (cobalt) using a high-pressure and high-temperature process. Through strict process control, a diamond bond is formed between the diamond microcrystalline particles, so that it has high hardness and high thermal conductivity similar to natural diamond and has better toughness and wear resistance.

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