Special Carbide Wear Parts

OEM Tungsten Carbide Products

OEM tungsten carbide parts . Welcome your drawing or samples . Due to the high hardness, good toughness,excellent corrosion resistance ability and long life time, tungsten carbide are widely used in almost all industry areas , such as :  automobile , aircraft, gas and oil , cutting tools , mining tools etc. Some of them are standard products but there are still a large part non standard and special needs which need us to meet the requiremens.  Apple carbide supply the service for special carbide demands (OEM tungsten carbide products ).

carbide tips for road construction

Carbide tips for road construction  with many sizes available  The main composition of tungsten carbide road milling tips are made from tungsten carbide powder and cobalt poeder or Nickel powder. With  its wear resistant and corrosion resistant ability. With extra coarse grain size, our carbide road milling cap tips can achieve very excellet performance. Tungsten carbide cap tips are used as mining tools, construction tools, oil drilling bits, rock drilling bits, ore mining and for road construction.

Tungsten Carbide Balls

Tungsten Carbide Balls for valves and Seat  With high hardness  corrosion resistant and long life time the carbide balls can instead of the steel balls perfectly and it can be used in any difficult circumstance 。  carbide balls are widely used, such as precision bearings, instruments, meters, pen making, spraying machines, water pumps, mechanical accessories, sealing valves, brake pumps, punching and extrusion holes, oil fields, hydrochloric acid laboratories, hardness measuring instruments, fishing gear, counterweights, decoration, finishing and other high-end industries.

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