Silver Solder

Silver solder, often referred to as silver brazing or silver brazing solder, is a type of solder that contains a significant amount of silver. It is used for joining metals, particularly in applications where a strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant bond is required. This type of solder is commonly used in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) industry, jewelry making, plumbing, and various other metalworking applications.
Silver solder is a welding material, typically an alloy that contains silver, copper, and other metal components. This material has high electrical and thermal conductivity, making it a common choice in the manufacturing and repair of electronic components. Sandwich Silver Solder refer to a type of silver solder that contains multiple layers or components, like a sandwich, with several materials stacked together for specific welding applications.
产品型号  Items 化学成分 Chemical Composition % 熔点 Melting Point °C 作业温度              Operating temperature°C 规格 Specifications 密度 Density g/cm3
Ag Cu Zn Cd Ni Mn 固相线 solidus 液相线 liquidus
4900-A6 49-51 15-17 14-16 16-18 2-2.5   632 690 590-750 Thickness:0.15-0.6mm,            Width: 1.2-70mm 9.2
4900-A2 48-50 17-19 14-16 14-16 2-3   630 690 690-750 9.2
BAg47CuZnCdNiMn 46-48 16-18 14-16 13-15 1-3 3-5 650 670 670-730 9.2
BAg34CuZnCdNiMn 33-35 21-23 20-22 18-20 0.5-1 1.3 620 705 710-750 8.95
BAg30CuZnCdNiMn 29-31 30-32 17-19 16-18 0.6 1-2.5 615 720 720-760 8.7

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