Tungsten Carbide For Metalworking

Solid Carbide Rods

Carbide rods with Ultrafine grain size powders can give excellent performance on metal working , it owns sharp cutting edge and can maintain good performance during high temperature cutting .  Large stock available for all standard ground and unground rods

Carbide Rods With Coolant Holes

Carbide rods with one coolant hole  Carbide rods with two Coolant holes  Carbide rods with 30 degree two helical coolant rods Carbide rods with 40 degree two helical coolant rods  Stock available for standard sizes 

Solid Carbide saw blade with teeth

Carbide saw blade with teeth can be used for cutting plastic , PVC board and metals .   The surface can be coated .  The Max. OD is around 260mm .

Grade list for metalworking carbide

Grade Grain Size μm Cobalt Content  (WT. %) Density g/cm3 Hardness T.R.S N/mm2 ISO code HRA HV10 Carbide rods UF10U   Ultrafine 10 14.35 92.6 1740 3600 K30 An excellent general purpose grade to cover most of the cutting applications for materials of ISO P,M,K,N. Suitable for drilling ,milling and reaming .   UF12U   Ultrafine 12 14.15 92.3 1660 3900 K40 Gives high impact strength while maintaining excellent wear resistance . A universal grade for cutting Stainless Steel ,Titanium alloys, Nickel base alloy and other difficult to machine materials Suitable for milling ,drilling .   UF12   submicron 12 14.05

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