Solid Carbide Rods

Solid carbide rods with Ultrafine grain size powders can give excellent performance on metal working, it owns sharp cutting edge and can maintain good performance during high temperature cutting. 
Solid cemented carbide rods can be used for making end mills, various drill bits, automobile special cutter,  engine special cutters, horology,processing special cutters, integral vertical milling cutter, graver and etc.
Large stock available for all standard ground and unground rods.

Zhuzhou Apple Carbide Tools has been in this line for more than 10 years, which makes us able to guarantee the excellent and stable quality of our solid carbide rods. The tools made from us are with long lifetime and stable machining performance. If there is any interest please feel free to let us know, free samples are available.

Grade List of carbide rods :
Type Grade  Grain Size μm Cobait Content WT.% Density (g/cm3) Hardness HRA Hardness HV10 T.R.S  N/mm2 ISO Code
Carbide rods UF10U Ultrafine 10 14.35 92.6 1740 4000 K30
UF12 Submicron 12 14.05 92.5 1730 4000 K40
UF06 Submicron 6 14.9 83.5 1890 3800 K05
UF10 Submicron 10 14.42 91.8 1600 4000 K30
UF50 Medium 15 14 89 1150 4000 K40
YG10X Fine 10 14.43 91.2 1580 3400 K30

Standard sizes :
Unground h6 L Tol
D Tol
Φ0.5-Φ9.3 =0.3/0 0.5~9 330 =5/0
Φ10.3-Φ19.3 =0.4/0 10~19 330 =5/0
Φ20.3-Φ23.3 =0.5/0 20~23 330 =5/0
Φ24.3-Φ45.3 =0.6/0 24~45 330 =5/0

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