Carbide edge rollers for stainless steel

Carbide edge rollers for stainless steel are specialized tools designed for forming and shaping stainless steel sheets or coils in various manufacturing processes. These rollers are typically made from tungsten carbide, a material known for its exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and toughness, making it well-suited for demanding metalworking applications.

Carbide edge rollers for stainless steel

A. wear-resistant, durable, good impact resistance
B. Support customisation, good precision
C. Can recommend suitable grades according to customer requirements


Grade  Physical & Mechanical Properties
 Density  Hardness Bending Strength
YG6 14.7~15.1 ≥90 ≥1600
YG6X 14.8~15.1 ≥91 ≥1500
YG6A 14.8~15.0 ≥92 ≥1800
YG8 14.6~14.9 89.3 ≥1800
YG9C 14.55~14.7 88.1 ≥2000
YG11C 14.2~14.4 87 ≥2200
YG11 14.3~14.6 87.5 ≥2100
YG15 14.0~14.2 87 ≥2400
YG15C 13.9~14.1 86.5 ≥2450
YG20 13.4~13.6 85 ≥2500
YG20C 13.2~13.5 83 ≥2600

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