Carbide – Definition and Uses of Carbide


Carbide is a term which indicates a compound of carbon and some other element or group of elements. When you hear anyone mentioning about this chemical compound, that person is generally referring to calcium or tungsten carbide.

Uses of Carbide

Similarly, there are other types too which serve different purposes. For instance, there is silicon, aluminium, and boron.

Calcium Carbide

Calcium carbide is a substance which is produced by an industrial process. The molecular formula of this is CaC2. After looking at this formula, one can easily figure out that one molecule of this consists of one atom of calcium and two atoms of carbon.

Tungsten Carbide

It appears to be grey in colour, which is like a fine powder. If you look at the molecular formula, you will find in comprises of tungsten and carbon in equal quantities.
When we press it, it creates a particularly hard substance which serves different purposes.
For instance, the armour-piercing weaponry which the people in military use is made with the help of this chemical compound only.

Silicon Carbide

Next, we have this chemical compound which has a molecular formula of SiC. Thus, this molecular formula denotes that it contains one atom of silicon and one of carbon.
We also refer to it as carborundum. It arises in nature as the awfully rare mineral called moissanite.
When you manufacture and fuse together the grains of this chemical compound, it results in the formation of quite a hard and durable substance.
Therefore, we use it in products like car brakes, turbine bearings and more. Particular kinds of seals and bearings also contain this. Similarly, its large crystals are grown artificially as the diamond imitation jewel moissanite.

Boron Carbide

This is one of the hardest synthetic materials which are a ceramic substance. It is made up of four atoms of  boron and one atom of carbon.
We use it in tank armour, cutting tools, security padlocks and more. We also use it in nuclear reactors because of the chemical reaction of this compound.
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Carbide – Definition and Uses of Carbide

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