Carbide Tools: Classification, History


Carbide tools have been the most widely used tools in the machine industry over the past few decades. But have you ever wondered What Carbide is and why have Carbide Tools become so popular

Carbide is a Chemical Compound composed of Carbon along with a less electronegative element than Carbon itself. Carbides can be broadly classified as:

Metal Carbides: Carbon is compounded with a metal that is less electronegative (such as tungsten, titanium, cobalt, tantalum, or vanadium).
Non-Metal Carbides: Carbon compounded with less electronegative non-metals like Boron, Calcium, or Silicon
Due to their extreme hardness & resistance to high temperatures, Metal Carbides are used in cutting, drilling, grinding, abrasives, and polishing tools.

Tungsten carbide as a tool material has been increasingly used for cutting tools, wear-resistant tools, impact-resistant tools, and other products with a special purpose.


Dr. Samuel Leslie Hoyt, a scientist at General Electric Company’s Lamp Department, was the first scientist to investigate the use of tungsten carbide as a cutting tool material. Later, Dr. Samuel Leslie Hoyt went on to develop Carboloy, an alloy of tungsten, carbide, and cobalt.

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