Enhancing Precision and Tool Life with Carbide Rods Featuring Coolant Holes

Tungsten carbide rods with coolant holes are cylindrical bars made of tungsten carbide material that have holes drilled into them to allow coolant to flow through. These rods are often used in metalworking, specifically in high-speed cutting applications where heat buildup can be a problem.

The addition of coolant holes helps to reduce the temperature of the cutting tool, which can prolong its life and improve the quality of the machined part. The coolant also helps to flush away chips and debris from the cutting area, further improving the performance of the tool.

Tungsten carbide is a very hard and durable material, making it an excellent choice for cutting tools. It is made by combining tungsten and carbon at high temperatures, which creates a material that is extremely resistant to wear and abrasion.

Overall, tungsten carbide rods with coolant holes are a great choice for applications where high-speed cutting is required, and where the temperature of the cutting tool needs to be carefully controlled.

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