Exploring factories and expanding skill horizons

In today's highly competitive business environment, continuous learning and self-improvement are key to success. In addition to accumulating experience and knowledge within one's own factory, Exploring factories for learning is an effective way to broaden perspectives and enhance professional skills. On June 28th, our general manager, Alice, led us on a learning and exchange visit to other factories, and we gained a lot from it.

1. Broadening perspectives and understanding different work environments: Each factory has its unique organizational culture and work methods. By learning from other factories, you can experience different work environments and team cultures, gaining insights into the operations of various industries. This helps broaden your perspectives and cultivates cross-industry thinking, enabling you to adapt better to different work scenarios.

2. Learning best practices and advanced technologies: Every factory possesses its unique expertise and skills. Through communication and learning from professionals in other factories, you can discover the best practices and advanced technologies in areas such as processes, production flows, and quality control. This provides you with fresh ideas and problem-solving approaches, making your work more efficient and innovative.

3. Building connections and collaboration opportunities: Visiting other factories for learning not only allows you to acquire knowledge and skills but also helps you expand your network and establish collaboration opportunities. By engaging with professionals from other factories and fostering collaboration, you can develop good interpersonal relationships and seize cooperative prospects for future projects. Networking and collaborations are crucial for professional development, and visiting other factories presents an excellent opportunity to expand your network.


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