Halloween - Trick or treat

Halloween, which falls on 1 November every year, is a traditional Western holiday. However, it is now celebrated on the eve of All Saints' Day on 31 October.

There are many origins of Halloween, but one of the more plausible ones is legend. Halloween has been celebrated by the Celts (CELTS) living in Ireland, Scotland and other parts of the world since 500 BC. The Celts (CELTS) brought the holiday forward by one day, to 31 October. They considered this day to be the official end of summer, the beginning of the New Year and the start of the harsh winter season. It was believed at the time that the spirits of the dead would return to their homes on this day to find life in the living and be reborn. And, it was the only hope for rebirth after one's death. It was the only hope for regeneration after death. The living, on the other hand, fear that the spirits of the dead will come and take their lives, so people extinguish their fires and candles on this day. On this day, the fires and candles are extinguished so that the spirits of the dead cannot find the living. They turn themselves into demons and monsters and scare away the spirits of the dead. Afterwards, they relight the fire and candles and start a new year.

A cold winter is approaching and the spirits of the ancestors have been worshipped. Food has been stored up for the winter.


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