How to choose suitable coating for cutting tools

There are many factors that influence the lifetime of cutting tools such as the composition of raw material, machining data, design of products etc. However, we usually ignore the fact that coating also hold an important position on the lifetime of tools.
Coating Name Color Hardness Max service temperature Friction coefficient Application Area
AlTiN Black 3500HV 900°C 0.40 Suitable for tools hardness greater than HRC45
TiAlCrN Purplish red 3500HV 900°C 0.40 Suitable for tools hardness less than HRC45
TiAlSiN Black 3800HV 1000°C 0.40 Suitable for high speed and high hardness dry or wet cutting
TiAlN Purple 3000HV 800°C 0.40 Suitable for tools hardness less than HRC45
Nano Black Black 4000HV 1200°C 0.45  
Nano Blue Blue 4000HV 1200°C 0.45 Suitable for tools hardness greater than HRC55
TiN Gold 2500HV 600°C 0.50 generalcoating for tool and dia materials
TiSiN Bronze 3800HV 1100°C 0.25  
Nano TiSiN Bronze 4000HV 1200°C 0.25  
DLC Black 2500HV 300°C 0.10  

The following is the result by our customer:

ap: 10mm

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