Precautions for using tungsten carbide tools

1) Tungsten carbide is a hard and brittle material, which is brittle and damaged under excessive force or some specific local stress, and has a sharp edge.
2) Most tungsten carbides use tungsten and cobalt as the main components and have a high density. They should be handled with heavy objects during transportation and storage, and handled with care.
3) Tungsten carbide and steel have different thermal expansion coefficients. In order to avoid stress concentration cracking, attention should be paid to welding at an appropriate temperature.
4) Carbide cutting tools should be stored in a dry environment away from harsh atmospheres.
5) During the cutting process of cemented carbide tools, chips and chips are constantly produced. Please prepare necessary labor protection supplies before machining.
6) If you use coolant or dust suction device in the cutting process, for the purpose of inserting the machine tool and cutting tool, please use cutting fluid or dust suction device correctly.
7) Please stop using the tool that has cracks during processing.
8) Continuous use of tungsten carbide cutting tools will cause the cutting edge to become dull and reduce the strength. Please do not let non-professionals grind.
9) Please keep the worn out alloy cutters and the fragments of alloy cutters properly to avoid hurting others.

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