The advantage of carbide rotary burrs


Using tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr is an effective way to realize mechanization in hand work operations, in the industries of airplane, shipbuilding, automobile, machinery, chemistry, etc. Carbide rotary burrs can be widely used in machine iron, steel casting, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper aluminum, etc.

1. Single/Double cut style
 High grinding efficiency and durability
 Single-cut style: Suitable for cast iron, Hard copper, steel, and other hard metal materials
 Double-cut style: Suitable for wood, soft copper, aluminum, plastic, and other soft materials
 2. Good processing quality and high surface finish.
 It can process a variety of high-precision mold cavities.
 3. Long service life with high wearable resistance.
 Durability is higher than high-speed steel and small grinding wheels.
 4. Use 100% tungsten carbide raw material, a full range of specifications
 Meet a wide range of grinding requirements, easy to master, simple to use, safe, and reliable

Our Carbide Rotary Burrs are made of heat-treated tungsten carbide, good toughness, and resistance that processing hardness reaches up to HRC70, sharp and sturdy. A unique tooth angle prevents chipping for the longest-lasting design possible

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