The Advantages Of PCBN Cutting Tools, CBN Inserts

The Advantages Of CBN Inserts

* Long Tool Life.
CBN cutting tools have properties that resist chipping and cracking and provide uniform hardness and abrasion resistance in all directions. They may outperform conventional cutting tools by as much as 50 times. Reduced tool wear results in closer tolerances on workpieces, and fewer tool adjustments keep machine downtime to a minimum.

* High Material -Removal Rates.
Because CBN cutting tools are so hard and resist abrasion so well, CBN cutting tools can withstand the high temperatures created by increased speeds and feeds. This results in higher material-removal rates with less tool wear, which reduces the total machining cost per piece.

* High-Quality Products.
Because the cutting edges of CBN cutting tools wear very slowly, they produce high-quality parts faster and at a lower cost per piece than conventional cutting tools.

* Good Surface Finish.
Surface finishes of less than 10 microns. are possible, which often eliminates the need for relatively slow finishing operations such as conventional grinding.

* Lower Cost per Piece.
CBN cutting tools stay sharp and cut efficiently through long production runs. These results in better control over workpiece shape and size and fewer cutting-tool changes. This lowers manufacturing costs per piece by reducing inspection time and increasing machine uptime.


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