The application of carbide saw tips

 Carbide saw tip is made by welding, used for wood, metal, plastic and other cutting processing. The two ends tips are equipped with knife surface body and welded surface body respectively, the saw tips have high sharpness, good cutting effect, long service life and excellent overall performance. We can customize all kinds of non-standard and shaped products according to customers' requirements.

Grade and Application :
Grade ISO grade Cobalt (%) Density (g/cm3) Hardness (HRA) Intensity (N/MM2) Grain size(Micron) Application
UF01 K01 3 15.1 94.0-94.4 2500 0.6 Cutting Particleboard, veneer, plywood, high density board, etc
UF05 K05 5 15 93.6-94.0 2600 0.6 Cutting hardwood, plywood, high density board, etc
UF15 K10 6 14.8 90.5-91.5 2700 1.3 Cutting solid wood, hardwood, PVC, copper aluminum non-ferrous metals, etc
UF20 K20 8 14.7 89.5-90.5 3000 1.4 Cutting old wood, cork, dry wood, non-ferrous soft metal, etc
UFK9 K30 9.2 14 90.2-90.7 3200 1.3 For rough machining of thick aluminum ingots and other non-ferrous metals
YG8C G20 8 14.7 88.0-89.0 3000 1.8 Cutting weeds, shrubs, etc
YG11C G25 11 14.4 87.0-88.0 3100 2.0 Processing of frozen wood and stump
YW2 M20 8.2 13.12 91.5-91.9 3000 1.0 Applicable to the processing of ordinary steel such as color steel tile, angle iron, thin steel plate, etc
UM15 P25 10 12.45 91.4-91.8 2500 1.0 For semi finishing and finishing of stainless steel, carbon steel and tool steel, especially for the processing of medium-sized and high hardness steel pipes

Surface Treatment:
(Nickel plating passivation coating treatment, sandblasting treatment, electroplating coating treatment, pre-plating treatment)
Application :

1. Wood: Cutting saw blades for common wood, logs, hard wood, recycled wood, etc.
2. Soft metal: aluminum alloy and copper, lead, iron and other non-ferrous metals, soft metal special carbide cutting saw blades.
3. Plate: solid wood, industrial plywood, high density board, baking board and laminated board, etc. professional cutting.
4. Steel: for professional cutting of steel, metal, etc.
5. Industrial materials: cutting and processing of plastics, plastics, PVC, etc.


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