The differences between using CBN inserts for finishing operations versus roughing operations

CBN inserts are versatile tools used in both finishing and roughing operations, but they have distinct characteristics and applications for each:

Finishing Operations with CBN Inserts:

Precision Machining: CBN inserts excel in finishing operations due to their exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and ability to maintain sharp cutting edges.

Surface Finish: They produce excellent surface finishes on workpieces due to their fine-grained structure and ability to create smooth surfaces with minimal tool marks.

Low Feed Rates and High Precision: CBN inserts are used at lower feed rates to achieve high precision, accuracy, and dimensional integrity in finishing cuts.

Optimized for Lighter Cuts: In finishing, the focus is on light cuts, and CBN inserts perform admirably due to their ability to maintain edge sharpness and control heat generation.

Roughing Operations with CBN Inserts:

Material Removal Rates: While not primarily designed for heavy material removal, CBN inserts can be used in roughing operations for certain materials, particularly hardened steels and cast irons.

Higher Feed Rates and Depths of Cut: In roughing, CBN inserts can handle higher feed rates and larger depths of cut compared to finishing, but within certain limits to avoid premature wear.

Heat and Wear Resistance: CBN inserts offer superior heat and wear resistance, enabling them to endure the heat generated during roughing cuts in harder materials.

Challenges: However, in roughing, the potential risk of chipping due to higher forces and impacts exists, especially when pushing the limits of feed rates and depths of cut.

In summary, CBN inserts are typically preferred for finishing operations due to their ability to maintain sharpness, achieve high precision, and deliver excellent surface finishes. However, in specific scenarios where hardened materials need roughing, CBN inserts can also be utilized, albeit with considerations for feed rates, depths of cut, and the risk of increased tool wear or potential chipping.

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