The Spring Festival

The Spring Festival Holiday-the biggest festival in China
The Spring Festival, falling on the first day of the first lunar month, is the most important festival for the Chinese people. It's the time when all family members get together to celebrate it. People who live away from home will go back, making it the busiest time of the year for transportation systems. We call it 'chunyun', which means 'the transportation during the Spring Festival',and it can last for about a month. Railway stations, long-distance bus stations, and airports are crowded with home returnees.
Many customs accompany the Spring Festival.
Burning fireworks used to be the most typical custom on the Spring Festival. However, in recent years, taking security, noise and pollutions factors into account, such an activity was completely or partially forbidden by the government in cities.
red envelope:
On the morning of the Spring Festival, children will dress up in their new clothes. After extending greetings to their parents, each child will get lucky money as a New Year gift, wrapped up in red envelop.
There is many other customs......
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