What are CBN inserts used for?

CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) inserts are used for various machining applications where the cutting of hard materials is required.

Here are some common uses for CBN inserts:

1. Hardened Steels: CBN inserts are widely used for machining hardened steels, which are known for their high hardness and toughness. Hardened steels are commonly found in industries like automotive, aerospace, and tool manufacturing. CBN inserts can effectively cut through these materials, providing high cutting speeds and excellent surface finishes.

2. Cast Iron: CBN inserts are also suitable for machining cast iron, which is a material commonly used in the automotive industry for engine blocks, cylinder heads, and brake components. Cast iron can be abrasive and challenging to machine, but CBN inserts offer the necessary hardness and wear resistance to handle the demands of cast iron machining.

3. Super Alloys: CBN inserts are used for machining superalloys, which are high-performance materials used in industries like aerospace, power generation, and chemical processing. Superalloys are known for their excellent mechanical properties at high temperatures but can be extremely difficult to machine. CBN inserts can withstand the high cutting forces and heat generated during superalloy machining, resulting in improved productivity and longer tool life.

4. Hard Materials: CBN inserts are suitable for machining a wide range of hard materials, including hardened tool steels, high-speed steels, and some ceramics. These materials often require specialized cutting tools due to their high hardness, and CBN inserts provide the necessary hardness and wear resistance to handle the cutting demands.

5. Finishing Operations: CBN inserts are commonly used for finishing operations where precision and surface quality are critical. These inserts can achieve high-quality surface finishes with low roughness and minimal tool marks, making them suitable for applications where aesthetics and tight tolerances are important, such as automotive engine components, hydraulic parts, or mold manufacturing.

Overall, CBN inserts excel in machining applications where high hardness, heat resistance, wear resistance, and surface finish quality are required. They are particularly well-suited for cutting and shaping hard materials that are challenging to machine with traditional cutting tools, offering extended tool life and improved productivity in these applications.

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