What is carbide tooling?

 has high wear resistance, strength, and hot hardness, and is a common machining material. This material is also known as tungsten carbide. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest materials on earth. Tungsten carbide has therefore been frequently used in industrial cutting applications. Due to the properties of carbide, cutting becomes controllable and repeatable. Its high durability and wear resistance make it superior to other steel tools, with faster cutting speeds and better surface finishes on machined parts.


Tungsten carbide can be an excellent tool, but it is difficult to use as a cutting-edge material. Standard abrasives and manufacturing processes used to grind steel cannot handle tungsten carbide. It must be surface ground with diamond abrasives, not machined. At the same time, one of the biggest drawbacks of tungsten carbide is that it is more brittle than steel. So we need to compensate by sandwiching it between stronger materials or depositing a thin layer directly on the cutting edge.


It is worth noting that in steel we are more used to finer tungsten carbide sizes, which means better toughness. But for tungsten carbide, the opposite is true. Coarser carbide size means higher toughness. Since tungsten carbide size is more important for good sharpness and edge performance, the cobalt content will give the tool some toughness and fracture resistance. Simply put, cobalt is a binder that complements and interacts with tungsten carbide as a carbide tool.


Apple carbide tools know enough about the properties of tungsten carbide that it has high hardness, wear resistance, and therefore chip edge retention. We offer carbide tools, if this is the quality you want and you like carbide tools, then try them out and see what you think.


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