Carbide Saw Tips for metals

Carbide saw tips are highly durable cutting tools used in metalworking and various other industries.
It's essential to select the appropriate carbide grade and geometry for the specific metal and cutting application.
Different metals have varying degrees of hardness, and cutting conditions may vary, so choosing the right carbide saw tip will optimize performance and tool life.
Carbide saw tips are available in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit different cutting machines and metal cutting requirements. It's essential to choose the right carbide grade and geometry for the specific metal and cutting application to achieve optimal performance and tool life.
TYPE L (mm) T(mm) W (mm) α° R
NCX7025-W 7 2.5 3.6 0.5
NCX7025-W 7 2.5 3.6 0.5
NCX8525-W 8.5 2.5 4 0.5
NCX8530-W 8.5 3 7 0.5
NCX12040-W 12 4 7 0.5
NCX12040-W 12 4 7.5 0.5
NCX12040-W 12 4 10 0.5

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