Ceramic Ring For Pad Printing

The ceramic ring is often positioned at the bottom of the ink cup. Its primary function is to create a tight seal with the doctor blade, preventing excess ink from leaking out and ensuring proper ink transfer onto the printing plate.
In pad printing, the ceramic ring associated with the ink cup is typically a critical component of the ink cup assembly. The ink cup is an integral part of the pad printing machine, and it houses the ink, allowing for precise and controlled application onto the printing plate. The ceramic ring plays a specific role within this assembly.
Common sizes
Outer diameter(mm) Inner diameter(mm) height(mm)
43 37 9
70 60 12
80 70 12
90 82 12
90 85 8
95 90 5.5
100 90 12
110 100 12
120 110 12
130 120 12
135 130 5.5
165 155 16
150 140 15
Other customized size is also available  

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