Tungsten Carbide Pins For Oil Industry

Tungsten carbide pins are essential components widely used in the oil industry for various applications, including drilling, exploration, and production. These pins are crafted from tungsten carbide, a material renowned for its exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and high temperature tolerance, making it ideal for the harsh and demanding conditions encountered in oil and gas operations.
One of the primary applications of tungsten carbide pins in the oil industry is in drilling operations. These pins are used in drill bits to provide robust and durable cutting edges that can effectively penetrate through tough rock formations encountered during drilling. Their superior hardness and abrasion resistance ensure prolonged tool life and reduced downtime, ultimately enhancing drilling efficiency and productivity.
 Product Name Material Grade Composition Physics Performance size
Tungsten Carbide Pins For Oil Industry YG8 WC Co Hardness Density Bending Strength As per drawing
91.7%~92% 8%~8.3% 89.5~90.5HRA 14.6~14.85 g/m³ ≥2300 N/mm

L (mm) TAPS
10 35 M12
12 35 M10
14 58 M12
16 48 M12
30 108 M16

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