Tungsten Carbide Rollers

Tungsten carbide rollers are a type of industrial tool used in various applications, particularly in the metalworking and manufacturing industries. These rollers are known for their hardness, wear resistance, and high strength, making them suitable for demanding and high-stress environments.
Tungsten carbide rollers (also known as tungsten carbide roll rings), superior performance, quality and stability, high precision machining, good wear resistance and high impact resistance. The cemented carbide roller is a roll made ​​of tungsten carbide and cobalt material by powder metallurgy method.
Grades               Density              (g/cm³)              T.R.S              (Mpa) Hardness  (HRA) Performance & application recommended
YG6X 14.9 ≥3200 91.5 A fine grain grade with better wear resistance and good strength,qualified for machining of child cast iron,alloy cast iron,refractroy steel and alloy steel ,also for finishing of normal cast irons etc.
YG10X 14.4 ≥3650 90 Suitable for cast iron, non-ferrous metals etc.
YG11 14.4 ≥3000 88.5 Forming or stamping dies for metal powders and nonmetal powders.
YG15 14 ≥3400 87.5 For fabricating drawing dies of steel tubes and rods under High compressibility ratio; punching, stamping, forging tools under large stress.
YG16C 13.9 ≥3500 85.5 Cold rolling of ribbed steel bars

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