Pre tinned Carbide Saw Tips

Carbide saw tips with pretinned surface which is ready for brazing . 
Sliver solder pretinned saw tips:
Usually used in hand welding, for filling the missing saw tips, sold by pieces.   

   1. Convenient to handle: Only need to heat the tips, you can easily add them to the machine manually, no need to   
weld them by huge machine.

   2. Use over 40% silver welding flux: This type of welding flux has the advantage of suitable welding point, high     
strength and strong anti-corrosion ability.

Grade of Pretinned carbide saw tips:
No. Grade  Grain size-um   Colbalt-%   Density-g/cm³    Hardness-HRA      T.R.S-N/mm²    Application    ISO code   




3  15  94  2500 MDF,HDF


 2  UF05 submicron  14.8  93  2600  MDF,aluminium   K05
 3  UF10 fine  15  92  2300  hardwood, plastic-steel  K10 
 4  UF15 fine  14.9  91  2200  green wood, cast iron  K20 
 5  UF20 submicron  14.7  90  2500   wood, aluminium K30 
 6  UF35 fine  12  11.9  90.5  2800  carbon steel,stainless steel  P25 

Pretinned carbide saw tips are covered with silver solder and ready for brazing ,  with many sizes available here .  
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